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Mover 270d Evo

Pneumatic conveyor for traditional and premixed screeds, with high performance and automatic cycle

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Innovative and user-friendly technology: • Control panel with self-diagnosis • Mini display with diagnostic functions and hour meter • Automatic pumping cycle with progress indications • Adjustable mixing time • SMARTSTOP fuel reserve • Auxiliary compressed air intake • Air flow regulation valves • Pressure verification pressure gauges


Powerful horizontal axis mixer with: • Wear-resistant cast iron mixing blades • Hardox® steel armor plates • Direct shaft-mixer transmission • Self-compensating hatch gasket • 90 ° material outlet manifold with respect to the tank • Rotation direction of mixing blades reversible in case of blockage


Description Mover 270d EVO is a pneumatic pump equipped with a diesel engine and integrated compressor, completely independent of external connections. Maintenance operations are reduced to a minimum due to the complete absence of belts and advanced Full Hydraulic Drive transmission solutions for mixer, bucket and loader. Mover 270d EVO is the optimal solution for mixing and conveying material through a pipe at high distances and heights, with reduced fuel consumption and absolute reliability. The control panel is equipped with the exclusive FULL CHECK selfdiagnostic system, which is able to report any anomalies during use in real time and to immediately suggest the relative solutions. The exclusive IMERVIEW remote control system (optional) allows remote operation and monitoring of the various aspects of the machine, making it possible to manage important activities such as monitoring and setting machine parameters, geolocation and traceability of movements, assistance by IMER staff, scheduled maintenance. It is suitable for pumping: • Traditional sand / cement screed (also with fiber) • Premixed cement screed (also with fibers) • Screed lightened with expanded clay / sand / cement • Lightened screed pre-dosed with expanded clay • Screed lightened with cork / sand / cement • Lightened premixed screed with polystyrene • Lightened premixed cement screed • Concrete with a maximum grain of 16 mm • Dry sand • Washed gravel with a maximum grain of 16 mm • Draining soil for gardens


Operation All dry material is poured into the loading bucket manually or through the scraper blade (optional). In the version without loading bucket, the dry material is poured directly into the barrel manually. The bucket is raised hydraulically by the double acting piston until it reaches the maximum inclination of 65°. The material descends into the barrel where the powerful mixer (already in operation) begins its action. About halfway through the loading of the material, the water is added manually inside the barrel. When loading is complete, without waiting times, the hatch is closed and the barrel is pressurized by pressing the “Automatic cycle” button on the control panel. The air flow forcefully conveys the material through the hoses until it reaches the end point where the flow breaker stand is installed. When the barrel is empty, the air flow stops automatically and the machine is ready for a new loading. The powerful horizontal axis mixer also homogeneously mixes particularly difficult and / or fiber-rich products. For those particular materials that require a longer mixing time, it is possible to set a time of your choice, which will delay the emptying phase after pressing the “Automatic cycle” button. The hoses at the end of the cycle always remain empty. This simplifies washing operations at the end of the day. Simply clean the barrel with water and pump the appropriate sponge ball into the hoses. Mover 270d EVO is equipped with safety devices and reversal of the mixer rotation direction, useful in case of accidental blocking of the mixer or clogging of the hose to facilitate release. With the help of additional compressors and special accessories, it can reach high distances and pumping heights. Available in different setups to meet the various needs of the construction site.


EU road-towable approved (approved up to 140 Km / h). With braking system, 195 R14 wheels, wheel lock wedges, mudguards, light bar and anti-cyclist bars. Standard on Mover 270dr - dbr versions


Adjustable handling bar Standard on Mover db


Scraper shovel Quick loading for maximum performance (optional)


FAST-FLOW cooling system to make the machine work in all conditions, which guarantees low temperatures and minimal wear The fresh air goes to cool in order: 1) Screw group and compressor separator 2) Diesel engine 3) Triple air / oil / refrigerant exchanger


Reduced maintenance costs thanks to the easy accessibility of the components: • Yanmar 4TNV88 4 cylinder 35 kW diesel engine or New Generation Yanmar 4TNV88 4-cylinder 35 kW Stage 5 diesel engine, with self-regenerating DPF filter. • High efficiency screw compressor • Direct compressor-motor coupling with FAST-LOCK coupling




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